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Aho and welcome!

 Dear Friend,

We're are so happy and honored to see you

and extend our hand of support, guidance, knowledge, wisdom

and Unconditional Love.

We are All One, we are All Love. 


My name is Irina McGuinn

I AM...

🌏 resident of the planet Earth, born in Moscow, in the USSR, over the last 20 years having lived in South Africa, the UAE, the USA and now in Australia. Living overseas in different countries shaped my open-mindedness, acceptance of people, cultures and events as they are. Being an observer, a witnesser, an admirer of how different and beautiful the world around us is;

👩‍❤️‍👨 wife of 20 years of happy marriage and 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 a mother of two bilingual teens, a son and a daughter;

 👩🏼‍🏫 initially specialist in philology, constant learner, researcher for a new knowledge and an experience, educator, practical teacher that shares what worked best for me;

🪷 Atmahealer, ✨ Atmolog, 🌬️Breath work specialist, 🌵 Shamanic Energy practicioner, Sacred Plant Medicines Hapé & Cacao ceremonies facilitator, 🧘🏼‍♀️ yoga & meditation practitioner.

Sacred Plant Medicine activated my natural healing abilities, helped me recall who I truly am and realize I AM HAPPY and BLESSED and appreciate LIFE!

I've had that feeling of loneliness, unworthiness and yearning for home. I now know my cosmic family origin. It's a life journey to recall who we truly are, trust ourselves and embrace the process. We're here for an experience!

I can lend you the road map, but be prepared to walk and go deep your own internal path. 

What about you, my friend? Can't wait to hear your life story. 

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"Atma" from Sanskrit means "Soul", "logos" from Greek means knowledge, Divine word, science.

Atmology is self-knowledge, knowledge of Oneself, One's Essence, knowledge of God within.

Atmology is also a new scientific direction where West, Western techniques of psychology and psychotherapy, quantum mechanics, meets East, the spiritual practices, indigenous practices, neoshamanism.


"AtmaPrem" from Sanskrit means ✨ Unconditional Love ✨ 

We work with the Quantum Techniques that make it possible to work with Consciousness. Thanks to these techniques a person's state is transformed. It brings new insights, thoughts, it changes the feelings, habits, worldview and, as a result, changes his/her character and destiny as a whole.

EyaHappy promotes AtmaPrem and will show you how to:

- choose your real desires,

- get rid of negative attitudes, beliefs and conditioning, 

- build healthy relationships and life habbits,

- create a new reality from the state of an Open mind and heart,

- discover and realize your potential,

- find a balance between the material and spiritual.

Everyone deserves happiness and joy. Having come to your Core Center, the internal compass, you will become the Owner of your Life and the Director of your Happiness!