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Visiting Sacred Places

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June, 2023


Mt Shasta, California, USA

The human body and any animal body as well has chakras, energetic vortexes, and wheels placed along the spinal cord, both in front & behind. “Each chakra has a color and purpose to keep each part of the body balanced”, - Sara Loka Man Guruji Poonamji.
Our planet Earth, also known as Gaia, Terra, and Tellus, is alive. Its energetic body also has chakras, energetic vortexes just like a human body. These places are considered sacred sites that draw many spiritually aware or awakened people from all over the world for spiritual retreats, sacred ceremonies, healing, and recreation.
The root chakra, named Muladhara, is located at the base of the spine in humans. Mt Shasta in California, USA is considered the root chakra of Mother Earth. Native Americans consider Mt Shasta as a holy place. The function of the root chakra is to provide stability. Travelers get connected with inner strength and find more faith in complete harmony with their surroundings. “I AM”

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