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  • 45 minutes
  • Killarney Heights

Service Description

The Atmahealing cycle consists of six thematic sessions, aimed at activating the personal Channel of the client, healing his/her physical and psychological life, reuniting him/her with the Cosmic Source and constellation. The first two sessions Basic work on cleansing & activating energy channels, chakra centers, work on generic dynamics, work with reincarnated experience, removal of the destructive influences in programs, work on consciousness, removal of the various types of influences on a person, the manifestation of ending all the destructive agreements and much more. The third and fourth sessions Work with psychometric and consciousness of the client. It’s aimed at deep cleansing of both the mental & astral bodies, the restoration of the psycho matrix & awareness & elaboration of destructive energies, programs & projections that form the perception of oneself and the world. The fifth session Energy "Shakti" + Financial platform. Filling a person with universal infinite Divine energy, which is the creative and executive force of the ocean of Divine Consciousness (Shiva), plus work with the financial channel. Sixth session Work on improving the physical and subtle bodies, where diagnostics and treatment of human systems and organs is carried out. Time of one session, on average from 30-45 minutes. Book your sessions now and start living Life to the fullest from the core of Your Inner Self, gaining a New better Version of YourSelf free of the old programs and dynamics that no longer serve your Highest good.

Contact Details

  • Sydney NSW, Australia


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